Have your say on MMP before they make it less democratic – deadline is this Friday

Rod Donald 1957-2005, champion of democracy

Submissions close this Friday for feedback on the Proposal Paper for the MMP review.

Briefly, they propose to ever-so-slightly lower the party vote threshold to 4%, while removing the ability for small parties to avoid this draconian threshold by winning a local seat.

This will significantly reduce proportionality and stack the system even more in favour of the large parties; the reason they give for this is that they want to avoid “the proliferation of small parties”. This strikes me as highly speculative, questionable and ultimately anti-democratic.

You can have your say here.

Whatever views you hold on the matter, it’s a good thing to make them heard.  My personal request is that if you agree that people should be allowed to elect minority perspectives if they want to, instead of being told by the Electoral Commission that bigger parties are better, please write something (even something very brief) saying that you support abolishing the party vote threshold, or substantially lowering it.

They count up how many people support each option. At the moment they’re only going to lower the threshold to 4%, and they can back this up by pointing out that a lot of people supported 5% or 4% in the last round of submissions. So let’s tip the balance lower this time.

Even the briefest of comments, only taking a minute or two to write, gets your voice counted.

Here’s my submission if you’re interested in reading it, and here’s my initial response to the proposal paper the other week.

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