Last minute voting

It’s not too late to vote in local body elections, even if you don’t have your voting papers. You just have to go to one of these places today, tonight or tomorrow morning and cast a special vote which seems pretty easy.

If you do have your voting papers, you can drop them at your local library.

You don’t have to fill everything out if you don’t want to… eg. you can just vote for mayor and a councillor or two and that’s fine.

Here are my votes and good resources for figuring out how to vote, and here is my guide to four important questions (which councillors voted for Marryatt’s pay-rise, what the [non-]parties mean, etc).

One comment

  1. Shawn

    Dalziel will most likely win, given the general stupidity of the electorate. Massive rates rises. Council spending will skyrocket, empoverishing future generations with unsustainable debt burden. Union thugs given special “rights”. More power to the council, less power to everyone else. Property rights will be trampled on.

    All in the name of “justice”.

    The lessons of the 20th century have sadly been lost on some people.


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