Good links


See Blogroll on -> that side of the page for my recommended NZ politics blogs.

I recommend Feedly for easily following multiple blogs.


See my other page here for links to the ten biggest NZ parties’ policies, and here for some somewhat-out-of-date analysis.


Closer Together

Inequality: A NZ Crisis

Petition to all parties to develop a national strategy for addressing child poverty

Round-ups of political news and opinion:

Bryce Edwards’ political round-ups


The Civilian

Porcupine Farm


Where you & the parties sit on the political spectrum (they’re all flawed in various ways, but nonetheless useful):

Political Compass – a test estimating where you sit on a two-way economic/social scale (rather than the simple left/right continuum)

NZ political parties on the Political Compass (at 2011 election, according to them)

On the Fence – Let a magic sheep help you decide who to vote for

Vote Compass – sort of a combination of On The Fence and Political Compass

Ask all the parties any (quick) question:

Ask Away

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